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The ADATA XPG Z1 DDR4 memory modules have been developed as the ultimate upgrade for overclockers, enthusiasts and gamers with superior performance and energy efficiency. Even at speeds of up to 3333MHz and a transfer bandwidth of 26.6GB / s, the XPG Z1 consumes 20% less power compared to DDR3. With Thermal Conductive Technology and a 10-ply PCB with 57 grams of copper, each XPG Z1 module offers excellent cooling performance, as well as the highest stability, whether on the battlefield during gaming or in achieving higher benchmarks when overclocking.

Great performance with excellent energy efficiency

DDR4 surpasses DDR3 with improved performance and lower power consumption. The operating voltage has been reduced from 1.5V to 1.2V, which corresponds to 20% less energy consumption and keeps the system cool for stable operation. Only 1.2V is needed to achieve a high clock speed of 2800MHz for enthusiasts. In addition, SPD (Serial Presence Detect) of the XPG Z1 allows direct application without major modification of BIOS settings, which simplifies use and improves system stability.

Cool look, cool working

The wing-inspired design of the XPG Z1 is combined with the carbon texture of racing cars, which symbolizes the hunt for extreme performance. It also provides excellent cooling and stable data transfer through Thermal Conductive Technology and 10-ply PCBs with 57 grams of copper to effectively reduce electrical resistance and consume less current, significantly improving the quality of signal transmission.

Chips of the highest quality for long durability

The XPG Z1 DDR4 DRAM module is manufactured from high-quality chips that are selected in a strict process. It also uses high-quality PCBs (PCBs), which effectively extends the life of the memory modules.

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